"The Last Chance Bar&Grill - Overlooking the Flats of Bottle Creek"

Good food, cold beer and a welcoming atmosphere. We are open every day for lunch from 11am to 3pm and dinner by reservation. Come and relax.

About Us

Howard and Cheryl Gibbs are the owners and proprietors of the “Last Chance Bar & Grill” – so named as it is located South of Bottle Creek on the way to Middle Caicos and hence the final opportunity to relax and have a pleasing lunch or dinner on North Caicos.

The building itself is an old fisherman’s cottage designed to make a pleasing environment even during the hot days of mid-summer. The walls are up to two feet thick and help to maintain a constant temperature. The Bar is perched some thirty feet above Bottle Creek and as well as providing glorious views of the turquoise water also take advantage of the constant breeze that blows across the creek and funnels into the dining area. Screened windows to the front and back serve to keep the airflow passing through but mosquitos out.

Howard lovingly renovated the building and has restored it to a high standard with modern plumbing and kitchen facilities. The restaurant is fully licensed and certified by the Board of Health each year for cleanliness and sanitation.

It is not intended to be a “high end” restaurant, rather it is somewhere that visitors and locals alike can relax in a casual atmosphere and enjoy local specialties prepared  to order. The conch fritters are famous and made from a secret recipe passed down through the family.

If you have time, Howard is happy to regale you with stories from near and far. He originates from the Florida Keys and has been living now on North Caicos for over twenty years. After twenty years in the Keys as a charter boat Captain and the last decades on North Caicos as a boat builder, bonefishing guide and builder, he has accumulated plenty of tales and opinions that he is often happy to share!


We are located on the “King’s Highway” about a mile past the Bottle Creek settlement. You can’t miss the big yellow hanging signs and boats and kayaks parked outside !

If you are planning a day to Middle Caicos, we are perfectly located to stop in either for lunch or a cold drink on the way there or back.

We serve lunch every day from 11am to 3pm and dinner by reservation. Please call us so that we can tell you what is fresh and in season for dinner. We only have 5 tables and can accommodate groups up to twenty for lunch or dinner.

Our local telephone is :  (649) 232 4141



If you are interested in exploring the flats and nature reserve of Bottle Creek and the East Bay, taking our kayaks is an enjoyable and fun way to experience it for the whole family.

We have a range of kayaks and StandUpPaddleboards for rent that are fully equipped for either fishing or just paddling across the flats.

We will normally put you in at the South end of the Creek and you take take as much time as you like paddling and walking North across a series of four or five good flats – we will then pick you up at the North end of the creek in the afternoon and return you to the Bar&Grill where you can enjoy a well deserved cold beverage or snack. We recommend that you call us at least a day in advance so that we can have gear ready and to ensure availability : (649) 232 4141

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